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Investment Strategy


Our investment strategies focus on cat bonds, the liquid and standardised segment of the ILS market. There are several reasons why someone might consider investing in cat bonds. One reason is the potential for attractive returns. Cat bonds can offer higher yields than other types of fixed-income investments, with yields exceeding 10% in USD. Another reason to invest in cat bonds is the potential for diversification.

Investment Process

All Icosa products are managed via MRB Fund Partners AG, our regulated partner company. These strategies are designed with an investment process that maximises risk-adjusted returns, prioritising liquidity and transparency. Capital is committed only when the structured investment process, complemented by the proprietary Icosa cat bond rating framework, ensures a comprehensive understanding of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of each transaction. By integrating top-down and bottom-up analytical approaches, our strategies can ensure that investment decisions are well-informed, objective, and in sync with prevailing market trends.

White Paper

Whilst the cat bond market has been a huge success, there have also been failures and weaknesses in structures and strategies.  We believe that investors should be aware of what has worked well and what needs improvement and are happy to share our honest thoughts and insights in this white paper.

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